Lauca Trip Planning

Perhaps the most recommended places to visit are the Chungara Lake, the Cotacotani lagoons, the bofedal ponds and the Las Cuevas hot springs. There are also places of archeological and historical interest here. For instance, the town and church of Parinacota, the Chucuyo village and the ranches in Chungara, Ajata and Cruzane.

Excursions: throughout the park
Wildlife observation: throughout the park
Highlights: Las Cuevas, Refugio Rocosa Las Cuevas, Chacus Incaico Las Cuevas and Tambo de Chungará. Town and Church of Parinacota, Chucuyo Village and the Chungará, Ajata and Cruzane’s stays.
Fishing: in the Lauca river.

The park has several trails that allow you to observe and learn about the park’s natural and cultural treasures. At an altitude of 4,500m (14,760 ft), they can result difficult and therefore, are not recommended for people who are affected by altitude. The excursion trails are self-guided, but the visitors can request a pamphlet if they wish.

Cotacotani Excursion Trail: 8km (5 mi) and approximately 4 hours long.

Parinacota Excursion Trail: 3km (1.8 MI) and approximately 1 hour long.

Area administration: Located in Parinacota town, 19km (12 MI) from Chungara Lake and 46km (29 MI) from Putre. The sub-administration of the park is located in Putre, provincial capital of Parinacota. Operating hours are 09:00 am to 12:30 pm and 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM every day of the year.

Ranger offices: the park has, in addition to the Parinacota Administration, two guard posts, located in: Las Cuevas, 5km (3 MI) from the main entrance of the unit, on the border of the Arica-Tambo Quemado highway (CH-11); and the Chungara guard post, located on the banks of the Chungara lake. There is also a guesthouse in Putre.

Environmental Information Center: located in Parinacota, it provides visitors with general information of the area.

Camping and Picnicking Areas: in the Chungara Lake there are 3 places for camping and 6 for eating.

Lodging and restaurants: there are only 3 rustic restaurants, property of villagers, in Chucuyo town, where beverages and typical food are served. Outside the park there is a hostelry and two restaurants that also provide food.

Out-of-area services
Gas stations: there are no nearby places to buy gasoline. You may find car fuel in the La Paloma, Cali and Eca supermarkets.
Telephone and Fax: Putre
First Aid: Putre Clinic
Food shops: Putre and Arica
Police station: the park has two police reserves, Chuyuco control and Chungara border control. There is a police station near the park, in Putre.

There is a series of paths in the park, which allow appreciating the landscape, vegetation and fauna of the foothills and the altiplano in all its majesty. One of them is the Cotacotani Excursion Trail, 8 km away. There are four stops along the way, from which the Parinacota town, the queñoa forests, the llaretas, swamps, camelid species and geomorphologic phenomena like the Payachatas volcanoes and the lava field of Cotacotani can be observed.

Another trail called Chungará is 1000 meters long and borders the Chungará Lake. There are three stops along the way, which offer views of the Payachatas, the Quisiquisine, the Quimsachatas and volcanoes, as well as a great variety of birds such as the giant tagua, the puna duck and the white-tufted grebe.



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